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Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters, Pairing: Snape/Regulus
Summary: Snape ventures into the Forbidden Forest, but things are different now.
Challenge/Prompt: The Forbidden Forest for hh_insomniacs
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: mild angst
Author's Notes: This is a possible sequel to By Starlight, one of my favorite HP drabbles.

Severus Snape ostensibly visited the Forest for ingredients. He told himself fresh ingredients were more potent. They could be relied upon in a way those purchased from strangers could not.

Deep down, he knew the apothecary carried everything he needed, at far less effort. Even to himself, he couldn't admit his need to walk these glades and remember.

It started as necessity, to gather ingredients for a kit he couldn't afford. But after that first night, Regulus always accompanied him. Once upon a time, he had not been alone.

He walked the forest still, to remember he'd once been happy.