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one for sorrow, 2_4_Joy

because I just can't keep canon straight

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2_4_Joy is a full time purveyor and part-time perverter of books, television and movies. By that I mean slash, glorious slash.

Why I write:

For the Harry Potter fandom, a lot of what I write is because I think the Slytherins have gotten a raw deal in canon. Morality is not as simple as good vs. evil. Most of the Slytherins are drawn as one-dimensional bad guys, because that's how Harry sees them. Although JKR fixes that somewhat as the series goes on, I like to take that further. I usually write the Slytherin POV, but you'll see a few other characters here.

What I write:

I currently write in the Harry Potter and Due South fandoms. I seldom write the same HP pairing twice in a row, but I sneak into Snape’s dungeon on a regular basis. And I will never leave DS because it’s the most consistently well-written fandom I’ve read. Although Severus Snape is my one true character, Fraser/Kowalski is my OTP.

To keep the feedback, and thus creative juices, flowing, I write drabbles constantly. I do write longer fics, but they take me forever. As I’m an obsessive editor and revisor, I don’t make works in progress public. The longer fics you will find here are old pieces from mostly dead fandoms and one-shots.

Fun Fact about me:

My cat has a Borg designation.

The standard disclaimer:

Everything on this site is fanfiction. I don’t own the characters about which I write, or the worlds in which they exist. I don’t profit from them in any way. Well, sanity and entertainment value, but no monetary compensation. Only the specific words of my stories belong to me.

Most of the fics you will find here are slash, meaning same-sex romantic and sexual relationships. If that sort of thing offends you, go away. Although my drabbles are typically G-PG13, some longer stories will include graphic sexual descriptions, so read the warnings and don’t read unless you are of the legal age of consent in your community.

Other Internet things:

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